Post 8: December, 2015 through June, 2017, Posted June 13, 2018

December, 2015, Moma is with her new, developing body .  M/J is lonely and seems to be exploring.  He acknowledged that there were other beings around him but that he had not really communicated with them.   On Dec. 8th M/J throws out that he would like me to disincar in 2016 so I can reincar as his older brother.  I told him I would prefer to stay incar for the next six years to get some things done and would prefer having him as a brother two to six years older then me who can “run interference” for me if I do have to live as a saint in my next life.

December 28th, 2015,  still no contact with Moma by either M/J or me.  M/J says he will try to contact her.  I did not note if I had asked him to or if he volunteered.  I did ask him to tell her that she is loved.  Then I prayed for God’s love to bless all of our group.

Early January, 2016, M/J remains alone.  He says he is spending his time in worship.  Since he was alone, I assumed that this worship was primarily meditative.

January 19th, 2016, M/J says he had contact with other disincar beings and was “entertained” but did not think any of the beings were part of our group.  Later in that time period he wrote that his “job” was to “undirect.”  I questioned if he meant “redirect” but did not get an answer.  Frequently, M/J would give answers or use words which did not understand because I had no physical or logical reference.   Occasionally I would get an understandable explanation but usually I could only accept and hope for clarification later.

In early February M/J again questioned my disincar in 2016.   I again explained that I had things I still wanted to do, etc.  He indicated that he understood and agreed with my staying until 2022.  I told him that I loved him and he wrote back “I love you.”  It brought back the wonderful feelings and memories of being his father.

On March 2nd, 2016, I noted that my friends’ baby girl had been born.  The last time Mona had been with M/J and me was in late November, 2015.  If, indeed, Moma was reincar as my friends’ daughter, she would have become enmeshed/attached and taken control of her body near the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy.  That makes sense to me.  By the third trimester a developing body is near “baby complete” (we don’t really stop physically developing and growing until about age 26!) and at a point for the occupying spiritual being to learn how to use it and train it.  I realize that this idea that a spiritual being becomes  “fixed” in a physical body at about the beginning of the third trimester of development is speculation or theory but it fits the reincars that I have witnessed.  I will discuss details of this “theory” in summary blogs.

Possible reincars for M/J were explored over the next two months.  He wanted to reincar then and the Powers That Be seemed to be agreeable.  One in the Dallas area was briefly considered but passed over.  One in Illinois was actively pursued but there were questions.  M/J had a good “gut feeling” about the family but could not get a fix on culture, spiritual level or race.  By early April the relationship progressed to a level that M/J was scheduled to take possession of the body in mid May.  This suggests that the initial contact happened in the second trimester.   The PTB seemed to be supportive but not encouraging.

M/J visited the new body in mid April.  At that time he thought the mother was African-American and the father was Caucasian (Western European.)   I told him I thought that would be a great combination.   However, on April 22nd. M/J wrote that that reincar had been canceled by the PTB.  No reason was given but M/J was okay with the decision.  Later, on April 29th. M/J was told that the baby was not viable but was given no details.   No alternative reincars were suggested  by the PTB.    On May 3, 2016 M/J wrote that now he will not reincar for two more years.

May 16, 2016, M/J here.  He’s had no recent interactions with the PTB.  He had been spending time “worshiping” but more in a “being real”/”present”/ meditative way then sexual.  There was no significant writing over the next couple of months.

July 11, 2016, M/J says that he has been interacting with other disincar beings.  I questioned if they understood disincar vs incar.  M/J says he’s not sure.

From August through December M/J only occasionally expressed interest in reincarnating.  He seemed to spend much of his time “in worship” with friends both female and male.  I questioned if male-male and female-female worship occurs in addition to male-female worship.  He acknowledged that it does but that it is not always accepted by other beings.

On January 20, 2017 I asked M/J about his last family since he remembered them.  He wrote that they are a part of our group and that the purpose of our group is to help us advance past our actions.  This sounds very much like working off our karma.  He also wrote that disincars are concerned about “alignment” which may have to do with fitting into a reincar.

In late February M/J was worshiping with a Mike and in mid February with a Clare.  He noted that worship was best with a partner but did not need to be with a partner.  I asked about sensation for disincars.  He replied that disincars have sight and hearing but not touch, taste or smell.   In previous writing it was questionable if disincar sight and hearing are the same as our physical sight and hearing, and if they are consistent or selective.   He also wrote that there is “feeling” with worship/sex but described associated orgasms as “non ovarian.”    ???

On February 14, 2017 M/J wrote that he was happy and did not desire to reincar.  However, on the 24th. he had been advised that the PTB had identified a new potential family with one child and encouraged him to reincar there.  As usual I asked:  Do the parents love each other and was the pregnancy conceived in love?  M/J answered yes.  However, on March 17th. M/J wrote that he was afraid and did not want to reincar.  I asked him to explain but was unable to follow the answer enough to understand.  To myself I questioned if he had disincar companions that he did not want to leave.  I “prayed” to the PTB to try to reassure M/J.  On the 24th. M/J asked if I wanted him to reincar.  I asked back why would my opinion matter.  He replied, “Because you are the curator.”  Again, I don’t know what he meant.  Perhaps he was acknowledging that in our relationship since his return I have been a data collector, but “curator” is a subtle term for most people and especially for a “ten year old.”  Perhaps, I misread his writing.

On April 7, 2017 M/J thought that the potential reincar was in the first trimester of pregnancy.  He was still hesitant.  On May 2nd. he had been advised that the baby was to be born in late November and he should take position of it in early September which meant that it had just been conceived in late February when the PTB first told M/J about it.  I questioned if this was again my friends whom I thought may the be parents to Moma’s reincar.

Then, on May 9, 2017 M/J wrote that the pregnancy had been terminated by elective abortion.  He wrote that he was not sad or angry but was disappointed.  In a later writing he was both sad and disappointed.  And in our writing his sadness came through.  He wrote more slowly, draggy.  He answered questions only with “yes” and “no”.

This was the first time that I truly understood that in every abortion there are three beings involved:  the mother, the father, and the being waiting to live an incarnate life in a new physical body.  On the issue of abortion I am both prolife and prochoice.  I hate abortion.  Everyone I know hates abortion…even all the prochoicers.  But I want every child to be conceived in love by loving parents.  I want every child to be wanted.  I want every child to be cared for and provided for by the parents, whenever possible, or by a responsible society if the parents are unable.  Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in yet so I will support choice, sex education, effective birth control (including morning after pill), and loving relationships.  I know there are good reasons for “bad” incarnations and will discuss that in the summary blogs, but promoting ‘bad” incarnations suggests  judgement and punishment, and I neither  judge or punish knowingly.

I never asked my friends if they had had a brief pregnancy that they chose to end.  I don’t plan to ever ask them. Knowing the circumstances of their lives at about that time,  I would understand if they had.   They are good, intelligent people who love each other and their toddler.  A decision to terminate a pregnancy would have been made only with serious consideration and heart felt pain.   To all incars who suffered through an abortion and to all disincars who had hoped to join them I pray God’s love and solace.

By May 30th. M/J was again occupying himself in worship with a partner—again sexual in nature.   However, on June 6, 2017 he wrote that he was “down” and again interested in reincar though no suitable opportunities were readily available.





Post 9: July, 2017 through May, 2018, Posted July 6, 2018

After the reincar was aborted, M/J seemed to go back to spending much of his time in “worship” with or without partners.  There was occasionally a reference to work though jobs were never clearly defined.  In September, 2017, I asked him what had he been working with.  He replied “mankind” and added that other beings may work with the “sea or land.”  In later writing (March 13, 2018) he wrote that his job was “inspecting.”  I did not understand if he was inspecting incar or disincar entities but did ask who he reports to.  He replied “Other beings that do not incarnate.”

Other bits of information:

M/J wrote that disincar music IS like harp music.  I suspect that would be small bits of sudden musical vibrations.  I did not ask about actual instruments assuming none, since disincar means non material. I would like to ask if other beings intentionally created the harp-like music by some means.

M/J wrote that disincars do not need sleep or rest.  I asked where do we get energy when we are disincar.      M/J answered “God’s love”  absorbed like plants absorb energy from the sun.  In a later writing he noted that disincars are more aware of God then incars but gave no definition of God.

I asked if disincars can in enter other physical bodies, as in “channeling”.  M/J replied, yes, but that he would let me know before he ever did that to me.  Note that I had channeled Jeremy very briefly in March, 1996, about a year after his physical death (see page 80 of book From Jeremy With Love.)  I had also always considered the act of our writing together to be a partial channeling with him or other disincar beings taking possession of my arm, but that may be more a “mind meld,” ala Star Trek’s  Mr. Spock, with no being actually entering my body.  In mid December, 2017, I did note that if I looked at my hand and pen as I wrote with M/J, the pen would stop moving.  As soon as I closed my eyes, it would begin moving again.  Perhaps activation of my visual cortex interfered with our connection.  I doubt I will ever know.

I asked what does the material and nonmaterial—the incars and disincars—have in common.  M/J answered “We are one.”  I also asked what he thought incars should learn from disincars.  He replied “Be young.”  I questioned if he meant that spiritually we are always young with only our physical bodies deteriorating and dying.  He answered, “Yes.”  (By my limited experience our spiritual bodies appear to correspond to about a 26 year old physical body.)


In October, 2017, M/J was again contacted by the Powers That Be about another possible reincarnation.  He was beginning to feel lonely and a bit sad, and was immediately again interested in reincarnating.  I advised that he ask the PTB if the reincar was recommended for his benefit or if he was selected to play a role for the benefit of others.  I also advised that he ask for a general family background story.  I believe having as much information as possible is usually a good thing.

Also about that time  we discussed writing this blog (vs writing another book) to make public our ongoing communication.  He seemed to like the idea of a blog, though I’m not sure he understood what it is.  We discussed this a couple of times in October and November, 2017.  He encouraged me to write from the history of our relationship rather then generalities.  It was clear that the intent of this writing was to make  incarnates aware of our disincarnate universe.  He pointed out that disincars can observe incars but incars have difficulty observing disincars.

On December 5th, 2017 M/J wrote that he wanted to be reincarnated.  He added that being disincar is okay but it’s too much seeing and knowing while being incar is more limited and manageable.  By January, 2018, reincarnation continued to be encouraged by the PTB, but M/J had not visited the new body and, for some reason, was unsure about proceeding.  My advice then was to make sure that the parents love each other and want a family.  (A bit selfish on my part as I would hope to join as a younger sibling in a few years!)

On January 15, 2018, M/J wrote that the developing body was in Australia, that the parents love each other and, over all, there was a “good vib.”  He later wrote (February 2nd) that the baby should be born in August, the parents are good people in their twenties and this is their first child.  He also wrote that he would take possession of his new body about May 20th.  Later he refined the date to May 22nd. (May 22nd. comes up over and over for me!)

By early February M/J had visited his new developing body.  He seemed to be accepting but continued to have lingering doubts seemingly about the parents education level and physical attributes.  I questioned if they are aboriginal but he was unable, or unwilling, to give details.  I told him I believe we can learn from everyone and then related a story about a time he and I went to Six Flags when he was eight years old incar as Jeremy.   We were in line for one of the scarier roller coaster rides.  He looked up at me and asked why I wasn’t scared or nervous.  I told him that once I’d made the commitment to get on the ride, being scared was only a waste of energy.  That explanation satisfied and calmed him then.  I hope it did again.  I also told him that I am committed to following him into his new family and hope the PTB will help that happen.

On March 20th. I told M/J that I was starting this blog and he seemed pleased.  We had several brief discussions on this in our writings in April.    I questioned if a blog would be okay with the Powers That Be.  M/J said he would ask.  On April 24th. he wrote that the PTB want me to write this blog because they want to “call attention to reincarnation.”

M/J’s new body continued to develop without problem.  I, and perhaps he, realized that our journey together, with me in my present incarnation, was coming to an end.  I spoke to him about Moma and how important she had been to us.  He agreed to visit her before becoming enmeshing in his new body.  On May 22nd. M/J was here the last time. We wrote very little, just spending time together, realizing that the next time we are together will be in new bodies.

In one of our last writings I told him “I love you very, very much”.  And, just as he use to say when he was a two year old Jeremy, he wrote back “I love you very, very much.”  I pray to God and the Powers That Be that he have a wonderful life.  Hope to see him again in about six years !!