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Summary Post One

I have put off writing this summary post for many months now.  I simply could not decide where to begin.  This subject of life —- consciousness, the “material” and “non-material” universe, incarnation, physical death and reincarnation, spiritual hierarchy, etc., etc.— all seems so vast and overwhelming with so many facets.  But, in reality, it is more straight forward and simple then we usually make it.

The impetus to start writing was the recent untimely death of a second cousin and the remarks of the clergy and loved ones at his funeral.  One of the ministers made the point that knowing that you are going to something good when leaving the physical body makes it easier for the dying and for their loved ones.   He drew completely from the New Testament of the Christian Bible but could have reached the same point from the first chapters of The Bhagavad Gita and other religious writings.   He was saying that life incarnate and life disincarnate are one—a continuum.  This recognition is a good place place to begin.

We can generally agree that the potential for a physical life begins at conception—at the union of sperm and egg.  Also, that survivability of the physical body outside the womb generally is possible after the second trimester, with the physical body reaching full maturity by about age 26 years and deteriorating from there to death.    What we don’t usually consider is the relationship between our consciousnesses carried within our spiritual bodies, and our physical bodies.  Some argue that the physical body itself creates the spirit and consciousness.  And certainly, the physical body contributes to our consciousness with its sensory data collection, mental processing and evaluation of that data.  But, if our spirits and consciousnesses are only a side effect of our living physical bodies then shouldn’t they also die with the death of our physical bodies?

By my experiences communicating with my son, Jeremy, after his physical death (see book “From Jeremy With Love” (attached at top) and earlier posts (at bottom)) and by the teachings of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, I have witnessed and am sure there is a continuation of our lives after death of our physical bodies.  Exactly how our consciousnesses and their spiritual vehicles originated is THE great mystery and seems beyond our present scientific understanding and human comprehension.  So, our consciousnesses are attributed to “God” (I suspect  our “beings” are the result of complex interactions of energies–magnetic, gravitational, etc., etc.–“creating” an “awareness” and that even the very high level being(s) we call “God” are also a result of these interactions!)   I also know, again by my experience, that the consciousness bearing spiritual body becomes associated with its physical body sometimes in the first or second trimester of development but does not take full possession of it until the third trimester and, even then, may be in and out of the body.   (Some say that throughout our lives we may be in and out of our physical bodies maintaining connection via a “golden cord.”)

When we are incarnate, we inhabit our physical bodies (annamaya-kosa), which are enlivened by our energy bodies (pranamaya-kosa), managed by our mental bodies (manomaya-kosa) and reflective/intellectual bodies (Vijnanamaya-kosa), all holding and interfacing with the material universe for our bliss bodies/causal bodies (Anandamaya-kosa).  Contained within our bliss/causal bodies are our individual jivatmas, our actual eternal selves, the sources of all that we are, the part of us that is a small part of universal consciousness and true God.

Some refer to the jivatma as the soul but, more correctly, the soul is the combined pranamaya-kosa, manomaya kosa, Vijnanamaya kosa (together the astral body) and anandamaya kosa (also called the causal body) carrying the jivatma.  That combined spiritual body is the soul that goes on separately after the death of the physical body (annamaya kosa).  The awareness and self-identity we have at the time we leave our physical bodies continues as our self- identity in our disincarnated spiritual bodies.

Incarnate experiences and works…karma…do affect and change our being in both positive and negative ways.  Activities may enlighten and bring us into more balanced dharmic living or they may distort and confuse reality making our lives more adharmic. Disincarnate, we carry the identity that we had in our last incarnate life, including the dents and distortions as well as any balance and clarity that we developed.  It is that disincarnate identity that in large part determines our next incarnations and further spiritual evolution.  If we leave our physical bodies very attached to something, someone or some belief, we will try to find a reincarnation that supports those beliefs and attachments.    By my observations, we seem to be able to make some spiritual progress when we are disincarnate, but, generally, we will “be” who we think we were in our last physical life and will seek out a future that is consistent with that self image.  Non-attachment and openminded acceptance when we leave our physical bodies leaves more doors open to us and is the best assurance of freedom of choice when we reincarnate.   So, it behooves us to work on “cleaning up our acts” in this incarnation.  The more attachments and aversions that we take from this life, the more we are controlled by those outside influences in the next.  The fewer attachments and aversions, the more choices are open to us.

Summary Post Two

When my son, Jeremy, reincarnated in 2002 he wrote that he would be in that new life only 10 years.  I was confused by that.  I didn’t, and still don’t, quite accept that the future is known or determined even by spiritual beings.  However, for the next ten years Moma stayed with me, writing regularly twice a week, keeping me connected with the disincarnate universe.  During that time, she had several opportunities to reincarnate, but for my sake or, possibly, because she wanted to be with Jeremy again, she stayed.

In August 2012, Jeremy left his 10-year-old physical life and was brought back to my meditation room by Moma.  He was confused but after a few days of practice he was able to write with me with a style and feel very reminiscent of his previous Jeremy writing.   However, he had no memory of being Jeremy.  He only remembered being Michael, a 10-year-old from Nebraska with 2 older brothers and a happy family.  And he acted like that.  He had no young adult male thoughts as he had had before.  This greatly disappointed Moma who, apparently, expected him to be like his adult male Jeremy spirit, interested in an adult relationship with her.   The Jeremy that she loved had not returned!  (In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna told Arjuna that only he (Krishna) remembered all his past lives.) 

The relationship did improve.  Michael-Jeremy did seem to begin to recognize that his disincarnate being was actually a mature being and not 10 years old.  But he was never the Jeremy disincarnate being that he had been.  Moma last wrote with me in late November, 2016, indicating that she had no good reason to stay, and reincarnated in late January or February, 2017.

I owe a great debt to Moma for staying with me for 10 years while Jeremy lived his short Michael life, and then bringing him back to me.  I can’t help but wonder if his reincarnation in 2002 against his desires, his short life and a death that must have been a horrible experience for his family, and Moma staying to bring him back to me, was all to teach me about who we actually are (vs who we think we are) as we go in and out of these physical bodies and what we carry and don’t carry with us on our journeys.  My communicating these lessons is the only logical reason I can imagine for showing me this.  I am far from worthy of such attention for my sake alone.  I do hope that these lessons will be shared!

Michael-Jeremy and I did not redevelop the closeness that we had had when he was Jeremy incarnate and disincarnate, but we did develop a warmth and acceptance—a friendship.  In 2018, after what appeared to be some pleasant disincarnate relationships, he wanted to again reincarnate.  As best I could follow, he was reincarnated in the Adelaide, Australia area in August, 2018, possibly to an Aboriginal family based on some concerns and questions he had.  

In early 2019, soon after Michael-Jeremy’s reincarnation, I began writing with 5 male beings—Aaron, Malik, Solomon, Orian, and Valen.   We were mentored/supervised initially by a power-that-be named Michael Steinbrenner.  He brought in a power-that-be trainee named Warrick whose real name, I later found, is Yon.  It sorta works out that I and my group (?) were/are ongoing “clients” of Yon with Michael Steinbrenner supervising as needed.  

With my 5 buddies (Aaron, Malik, Orian, Solomon, and Valen) we discussed reincarnating also in the Adelaide area as friends or family to work on whatever needs to be done to help keep our world livable.  Solomon and Valen were not overly interested and disappeared soon after we started writing together.  They did return occasionally but seemed only to be passing through.  Aaron reincarnated within a couple of months followed by Malik in mid 2020 long enough afterwards to possibly become a brother.  Orian developed a close friendship with Yon and has postponed reincarnation.

On November 10th. 2020 I observed to Yon and Orian that since Moma left I had not written with a female.  Within a couple of minutes I was introduced to Maria!  She and I wrote/communicated amazingly well together.  She said she had been nearby and watching me write with other beings for a few weeks and happy to be invited to write.  We almost immediately felt a real and total closeness.  Even though I was in my 70’s and she had left her last physical body 2 years before at age 68 (again in the Adelaide area), our writing twice a week became like young people dating.  On November 17th, I remember so clearly, I said “Are you going to say it first or am I?”  She hesitated only a moment and then wrote “I love you.”  And I responded “I love you.”  From then on we were an incarnate-disincarnate couple!  Of course I continued to have incarnate friendships/relationships and she continued to have disincarnate friendships/relationships.  But our relationship was, and is, very special.   Even though one of our spirits was incarnate, amazingly satisfying spiritual intimacy was possible!  (I found nothing to suggest that Maria was a demonic succubus, though I do suspect such beings exist.  Our communications and her subsequent path suggested only that she was a normal disincarnate being like we all have been and will be.)

Maria was already on a path for reincarnation when we first met, initially thinking it would be in March, 2021 but ultimately occurring on October 6, 2021.  She stayed with me until the third trimester of her physical development when she had to take possession.   After her birth I did wonder aloud to Yon and Orian what her new name would be.   They immediately wrote much larger than usual “An****na” (avoiding giving name for safety).  I had never been given a name voluntarily, or so clearly, before.

Yon and Orian has checked on A-Maria, Malik, Aaron and Michael-Jeremy (who they had not known)  every week for me since her birth and assure me that they are all doing well.   I hope to get there soon to be with them.  (Don’t worry.  For many very real reasons suicide is out of the question.  But sometimes yogis get to “walk out.”  We’ll see.)

Summary Post Three

There are a couple of things that I want to clarify.  First, the disincarnate beings that I have communicated with do not seem to be at some “higher level” of the disincarnate part of our universe.  They all carried their past life identities and egos.  They had/have relationships with other disincarnate beings that include most of the drama that we have in incarnate relationships.  As best I can figure, the beings I’ve been writing with are at a level that would be called purgatory in Christian religion.  

After leaving our physical bodies, we all go through “the bardo”, getting oriented and learning to function outside our physical bodies.  This takes about 49 days.  Then it may take only a few months or up to several years before we match up with a good reincarnation, though the average seems to be about 2 years.  What is “normal” is debated. 

 Some beings choose to not reincarnate.  Michael Steinbrenner left his last incarnation in the 1970’s, then chose to remain disincarnate and become a “power-that-be.”  I am sure he can choose to reincarnate now but he may have attachments and commitments in the disincarnate world that makes it more difficult.  

The powers-that-be seem to primarily recommend potential reincarnations based on the reincarnating beings needs and attachments/aversions and/or based on a role they might play well for someone else.  (The drunk in the gutter may have played out their entire life only for the sake of one person, walking by,  who sees them and feels an empathy that changes their life!)   However, the powers-that-be don’t seem to be able to force compliance with their recommendations though they may strongly encourage and maybe coerce.

Summary Post Four

One last observation re our jivatmas (individual selves) and the Paramatma (supreme Self):  The Paramatma is the universal experiencer/consciousness and energy that fills the ocean of the universe.  It is spiritually identical with the absolute and ultimate reality.  Our jivatmas are like bits of ice that float within this ocean of the Paramatma… separated and individual but still part of the same ocean and, through it, connected to each other.

Yoga is a scientific way to reawaken to the total reality of our being.  This left brained approach is very appealing to me.   So, I close this blog with a Yoga Sadhana (a spiritual exercise designed to bring one closer to divinity) following the eight limbs of yoga as defined by Patanjali. 

1.  Chose a time that you are less like to be disturbed by the outside world.  Early morning, before the day demands attention, is best for most people.

2.   Make sure your body is physically at ease.  Answer any “call of nature.”

3.  Chose a quiet, safe place where you won’t be disturbed and sit in a position that will be comfortable for 20 to 30 minutes.

4.   Gently fixing your gaze to a point between your eyebrows, gently close your eyes.  (Holds your attention on “you” in the present.)

5.  Mentally review the Yamas and Niyamas vowing how you intend to use this body that you inhabit:                   “I will do no harm”                                                                                                                                             “I will not steal”                                                                                                                                                 “I will not lie”                                                                                                                                                     “I will control my body’s physical urges”                                                                                                           “I will not covet”                                                                                                                                                 “I will practice contentment”                                                                                                                             “I will practice purity”                                                                                                                                         “I will practice austerity”                                                                                                                                   “I will study, learn and interact with this world with intelligence”                                                                     “I will trust God to take care of those things out of my realm of responsibility and control”

6.  Asana–Scan through your physical body a few times, adjusting posture and relaxing any tensions.

7.  Pranayama–Address your energy connection with your body.  With your breathe, feel the flows of energy moving through your body as blood and serum flows outward through arteries, arterioles and capillaries and back through veins and lymphatic channels.  Feel the flow of energy from your brain down your spinal cord and out to all the muscles and sensors of your body.  Feel the return nervous flow back to your brain.  Feel the nerve flow to your lungs and heart and organs of the abdomen.  Feel the flow of air in and out of your lungs and the movement through your bowels, bile and pancreatic ducts and ureters.  Then do one final brief scan of all the energy flowing in your body.  This is the point where many add 2 or 3 rounds of alternate nostril breathing.

8.  Pratyahara–Again with your breathe, visualize disconnecting your hearing from the external world and take that sense inside to your mid frontal brain where you already have focus.  With breathes, repeat with sense of skin and body feelings, eyesight, taste, and smell taking these sense awarenesses to the same frontal focus.

9. Dharana (concentration)–You should now be focused on a point between your eyebrows.  Practice holding your focus without distraction for 1 to 5 minutes.  Disrupt any distracting intruding thoughts with a short mantra such as “so-hum”.  Under more demanding distractions you may need a more intense longer mantra that requires your brain to do a task, as repeating a longer poem over and over.  

10.  Dhyana (meditation)– after a few minutes in Dharana you will become aware of watching your concentrating mind.  Sometimes you may easily flip your self-identity to “become the watcher” or you may need to actively dissociate from the concentrating mind to identify yourself with the watcher.  As the meditating watcher there is much less active thinking, though there will almost always be some background thinking going on in my experience.   Hold this meditation as long as you like.

11. Samadhi–To reach this level of the Anandamaya Kosha you need to step out of your brain consciousness and approach pure consciousness.  This may happen naturally by holding meditation for up to 20 minutes.  But it can be forced by giving your brain “shavasana”—slowing your brain waves to a point where you are about to doze off.  At that level you can become aware of a much more subtle, very clear “you” awareness –much like looking into or out from a crystal clear spring.  You also will become aware that you cannot look at that level of yourself from any other level.  There doesn’t seem to be any place else to go.   AND you may feel a fullness in your chest that, I believe, is an awareness of your jiveatma.  It is from this point, becoming aware that we are the jiveatma, that we may be able to become one with universal consciousness!

I hope you recognize a basic rule in performing this sadhana:  If you can witness or manipulate at any level, then “you” are not that level.

Enjoy the journey to realizing the totality of you!  Remember this IS who you and I, all of us, are.