Post 3: From May, 2003 Communications and Observations

I ended the book, From Jeremy With Love, in August, 2004.  I am going to pick up with a few observations from mid 2003 that had not been included in the book, and then chronicle my interactions and communications with Moma, other disincarnate beings and Jeremy (after his disincar return) from that point.  The content is rather random, guided by questions that I came up with at the time of interaction and emotional conditions, etc.  ( When disincar we can be happy, sad, worried, relaxed, etc. just as we are incar.)   Much of what I report here may seem very mundane to most readers but may provide insight to others.  I prefer not to edit and decide what is important but to report all the data as best I can and allow the reader to determine what data, if any, is significant to him or her.  I will, however, occasionally insert my interpretation of a communication.

In writing with Moma I realized that while I stood in the material incar world and she in the non-material disincar world,  we were still both a little in each other’s world.  We were/are in the same universe.  This is reality.  All of us are either enmeshed in and responsible for a material prikriti body or free of a material body—but all of our consciousnesses are always in one universe.

Several times Moma made clear that she would not check on reincarnated Jeremy because he had asked her to watch over me.  During that time she frequently exhorted me to “write.”  I hesitate to say it, but sometimes I think I was “set up” to report these experiences and communications—that I may have only been allowed to communicate with Jeremy and other disincar beings so I could tell others about them .   And, I think the most important message that I have been given is that life goes on after death of our physical bodies and, under certain conditions, disincars and incars can communicate.  Sorta “the media is the message.”

Jeremy had said that his reincar in 2002 would last only 10 years.  In July, 2003, I questioned  Moma if she would know when Jeremy was ready to leave his new body and she replied “Yes.”  That was important to me.  Since Jeremy had gone to meet Moma and bring her to us after her physical death/disincar, I was concerned that Jeremy would not find his way back to her and me without guidance.

In January, 2004, I asked Moma if she felt love around her.  She wrote “yes.”  I asked if she thought love might be empowering when we are disincarnate.  Again she replied “yes.”   After my encounter with the beings of light (see page 89 of book) I, personally, believe that love is has actual force, and, crazy as it sounds, that force may be physically measurable someday in a meaningful way.  In February, I again noted in my writings with Moma that love may be the power that brings everything together, from subatomic particles  through the most subtle structures to groups of all kinds, both small and large.  (Reminding ourselves of all the implications of the love-hate duality.)

Also in February, 2004, Moma told me that she was “around” only part of the time but could not tell me where she was when not with me.    (She had, however, told me in 2003 that she had been to “heaven,” but did not elaborate on that.)  In December, 2004 I asked Moma where she would be if not here with me.  She wrote that she didn’t know but the she “feels love here.”  I suspect we all, incar or disincar,naturally gravitate to love—lots of implications!

In September, 2004, I asked Moma if she was considering reincarnation and she wrote “Yes.”  I asked if she would make the decision.  She replied “No.”  When asked who will decide she wrote, “The others,” referring, I assume, to the panel of beings that Jeremy had dealt with who we called “The Powers That Be”.   During this time, two years after Jeremy’s reincar, Moma was having doubts that he would leave his new body and return to us.  I was also.  No one wants a ten year old to die even if it would bring them back to us.  On October 4, Moma was still interested in reincar but the decision still had not been made.

The subject of Moma reincarnating came up several times over the next eight years and, I admit, I was ambivalent.  I wanted Moma to have what she desired but I also wanted her to stay with me through 2012 when Jeremy was supposed to come back.  Several times I spoke to (prayed to?) The Powers That Be asking that, if Moma was to reincar, she should be born to loving parents in a good home, and, if not, she should be allowed to stay with me.  But I always asked that God’s will be done.  (For me God’s will is equivalent to dharma—cosmic order.)

Several times I asked Moma about ways to improve our communication.  It was questionable if she could hear other people’s voices but she seemed to understand me okay.  I asked if there was anything I could do to make our writing easier and she replied, “Yes, yoga.”  I took this to mean that yoga would help my attention and focus.  I also asked if alcohol would make communication easier.  She wrote, “Harder.”   (Alcohol relaxes the arms muscles and seems to make writing easier BUT use of alcohol is discouraged by others who do automatic writing, I understand, because it may open up the receiver too much and may be dangerous if the “channeled being” is in conflict.)






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