Post 4: Communications, 2005-2007, Post May 14, 2018

In early 2005 (? late 2004) a girl from Jeremy’s high school class died of  renal cancer.  Though Jeremy’s mother and I did not really know her when they were in school together, she and Jeremy seemed to have a strong connection and his death had been  traumatic for her.  She was sensitive, talented, and insightful.  She and I corresponded several times after Jeremy’s physical death.  On February 9, 2005, this disincar young lady joined Moma and I.  (I assumed Moma guided her to us.)  At first she seemed to be disoriented.  When we tried to write together she did move the pen in my hand but wrote no words.  However, on Feb. 24th when I asked “How are you?” and she wrote “Am.”  Over the next several months she would be with us occasionally.  In early June she wrote her name from left to right and right side up as if taking my arm from behind me. (Most all disincar automatic writing evolves to upside down and right to left as if being is in front and facing me.)  Her writing was rather tight and she replied “yes” when I asked if she used much energy to write.  When I asked her what being disincarnate is like, she clearly wrote “Nothing like I ever imagined.”  That was the last time we wrote.   I assume she moved on to be with other beings and eventually reincarnated.

My mother left her physical body on May 2, 2005 at the age of 90 after 7 years of total incapacitation following a severe stroke.  She had suffered much through those last years and her physical death was a blessing. On May 8th Moma wrote that she had made contact with  my mother, that she was not with us but she was alright.  On May 12 Moma wrote, “Undead Mom undead.”  I asked if she (Mom) wanted me to know that she’s alive and Moma wrote, “Yes.”

Mother joined us on July 22nd with her presence “announced” by Moma.  I asked Mother to take my hand/pen.  There was a change in feeling in my arm and the pen immediately began to move slowly left to right.  (Moma had been writing right to left.)  No words were written, just movement.   On the 23rd Mother again moved the pen well, worked on writing right to left and did write “yes” but again left to right.  On the 26th she wrote “no pain”, “feels joy”  and replied “no” when asked if being disincar was as she expected.  On July 31st, when asked how they were, Moma wrote “alright” from right to left and upside down.  Mother then wrote “alright ” left to right and right side up.  She also again wrote “no pain” and “feels love.”  On August 10th I asked mother to write her name and she clearly wrote “Lillian.”

During this time period, Moma and I were writing about twice a week.  Mother was with us intermittently.  On Sept. 13th she was not here.  I asked Moma where mother was.  She wrote that she knows where Mother had gone but could not write where. (?) I questioned, “heaven?” and Moma replied “yes.”  On the 21st and 22nd mother was back but had difficulty writing.  We practiced writing the alphabet “normal” and upside down and backwards but we seemed to be working against each other.  On October 11th.  Moma wrote that mother was afraid but could not tell me why.  On Oct 20th both Moma and Mother here.  Mome wrote “unsure.”   (???)   Mother did not write.

During the next three months Mother and Moma both here intermittently, together or separately.  Also other beings would occasionally be by for a few days.  I tried to streamline communication by using vertical lines for “yes” and horizontal lines for “no” rather then waiting for the beings to learn to write words.  This worked well for Mother as well as some other beings.

Moma was gone from Jan. 6 to Feb. 14, 2006.  On return she clearly wrote her name (communication good) but could not or would not tell me where she had been.  A week later she revealed that she had been speaking with the “Powers That Be” and that her reincarnation had been approved!  She was gone several times in the next month to work on her reincar ( per Mother.)   I understood that she hoped to be with Jeremy— both in new bodies.  However, by March 29th. a new body had not been assigned and Moma understood that it may be another year.  In June I noted that Moma was “not good” and seemed to be upset re her plans for reincarnation.  In August she indicated that reincarnation was near but did not tell me when.  Then in Sept she was happy, “fulfilled” with “no sadness” and “No frustration!”  I questioned love.   On Sept 19th. when asked what she had been doing, she wrote “worshiping.”  From this I believe she had a new intimate companion and, perhaps, reincarnation was not as pressing.   (Over the preceding years, when Jeremy and Moma were disincar together, I came to understand that “worshiping,” as they used the term, is a sexual type of union between beings—think of the Buddhist depictions of high beings/gods and their consorts/goddesses in sexual union!  I believe the one-pointedness, the bonding, the focus that comes with sexual union can bring any being into the present moment and presence of God.  That is the basis of Tantric Yoga, as I understand it, and why sex, notoriously, is used in teaching it.  But sex is only a teaching tool.  It’s the focus, the one-pointedness, being in the moment that is the object!  I definitely advise any reader interested in Tantric Yoga to search out a qualified Tantric instructor.)

In  June, 2006, Mother indicated that there was something wrong.  It seems she had been advised that she “must” reincar but that she did not want to.  However, unknown to us,  no body had been “assigned” and it would be over 2 years before that would take place.

In January, 2007, the son of friends died after a long battle with leukemia.  Some being, I believe him, came by on Jan.. 18th.  He was exuberant with lots of energy.   He wrote two letters (? his initials) and then wrote  “I live I live   live   live!”  I never told his parents about the visit.  From my experience when Jeremy died, I knew they were in terrible mourning. I also knew they fully believed that their beloved son lived.  I understood from Moma that that young man was by a few times in the next month but we never wrote again.

On April 12, 2007 Mother was present after being away for a few days.  She indicated that she had been at a good, happy place, was doing okay and would be with me for a few days.  I asked her to write her name as I often did if there was any question in my mind which being I was communicating with.  She wrote “Lillian” but with some difficulty.  On April 26th.  Mother again wrote that she feels love and has no pain.  For the first time she wrote that she wanted to reincarnate.

During 2007-2012, unless I was out of town, I sat at least twice a week to write/communicate with Moma and any other disincar being who might be present.  Most of the communications were very mundane (“How are you?”  “Is there anyone else here?”   “Have you spoken with the Powers That Be?” (Rarely yes)  etc.)   Occasionally we would get into more substance and I would make notes concerning what I thought might be significant.   Admittedly, my professional, family and social life was often distracting during this time and it was often weeks between conversations of substance.  This blog writing is taken from the notes from those conversations and reflects the gaps between those of substance.   Goodness knows how much I missed!

Several times over the years I would ask what I could do to improve communication between incar and disincar.  ALWAYS the answer was “Yoga.”  And I know Moma meant the deeper internal meditative stages of Yoga.  Considering my puny yogic abilities, I can only imagine the universe that some advanced practitioners might experience.

On July 31st, 2007  I questioned Moma if she had remembered Jeremy from past lives.  She wrote that she only knew him (remembered him?) from when he came to her after she had left her last “Moma” body.  That turned out to be consistent with later revelations after Jeremy’s return.

On August 9th. I asked Moma if it is hard to write with incar beings (me).  She replied “No.”  I asked if other disincar beings know about our writing.  “Yes.”  And if it is okay with them.  “Yes.”  Then I asked “Why is it okay?”  She wrote back:  “You will tell others.”

On September 6, 2007 Moma wrote the Mother was reincarnated but did not know where.  However, Mother was back on November 27, 2007 and again on February 14 and April 3, 2008.  Mother finally did have a “good reincarnation”, per Moma, on October 7, 2008.   I can assume that Moma assumed that Mother had been reincarnated in September, 2007, or that she was to have been reincarnated and it failed because of miscarriage or abortion, or some other reason.  I also don’t know it Mother’s new body was actually born on October 7, 2008 or if that was when she took permanent position of the body.  (see discussion of body development and reincarnation in Summary posts.)





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