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First Post, April 9, 2018

Ok, first post….Deep breathe….

I am writing this because there have been experiences, maybe even intended revelations, that I am compelled to report.

On March 29, 1995, my 17 year old son, Jeremy, died suddenly.  In January, 1996 I re-established communication with his disincarnate being through automatic writing and have continued communication with him and other disincarnate beings since.  During this time I have learned several interesting facts about the disincarnate part of our universe.

In 2004 I wrote a book,  “From Jeremy With Love” (original title, “Beloved Being,”  was changed at request of publisher), detailing my back ground, Jeremy’s life and our communications after his physical death through his reincarnation.  A copy of that book is attached here under “Menu” above.  The book is short and fast reading.  I do recommend you at least read chapters 9 through 13 in order to understand how I/we came to this point.   This blog that should pick up at the end of the book.  The last chapters of the book are concerned with my trying to digest and make sense of my experiences with incarnate-disincarnate communication and of my glimpses of disincarnate life.

This writing is not a religious exploration.  I am not interested in beliefs.   I am interested in my own factual observations and an examination of those observations.  Some readers may find parallels or contradictions to their religious beliefs.  For those who find conflict I suggest that this be read as sci-fi though I swear every stated fact is true.   My proposed theories of explanation may border on belief but, hopefully, I will try to keep them on  a more scientific plane rather then devolve into blind acceptance.  If you find me wandering into belief realms, please call me on it.

Again, I assure you that every event and every communication in the book and in this blog is true.  Nothing is fabricated.  In places that I speculate on meaning or interpretation, I try to be clear that it is my interpretation.

I also assure you that throughout my incarnate-disincarnate communications and the few actual physical interactions over the past 23 years I have constantly questioned my own sanity and stability.  I have paid close attention and assessed my thoughts, mental state, arm and hand muscles, movement of the writing pen, etc., etc.  I am 99% convinced of the validity of my experiences, but I do continue to observe and question because of that remote possibility that this is all a fabrication of a grieving father.  Though I profess sanity, I do accept that I well may be considered a bit eccentric and take a some pleasure in that.

Hopefully, these reports of my experiences will help expand your universe to include the reality of on-going life after the death of our physical bodies.  If this writing conflicts enough with a reader’s belief system that the reader must consider me a nut or a liar please remember  I hold truth to be the highest value so would prefer “nut.”   Other readers will say, “Of course, we all know this.”  If that is you, please share what you know.  The more facts and observations we have, the better we can understand the disincarnate part of our existence.   In this exploration we incarnate beings are the blind men examining an elephant (old Indian parable.)  It would be nice to get together and form a more complete understanding of the elephant.



2 thoughts on “First Post, April 9, 2018

  1. redakle says:

    Dear Jerry ~ I’m moved beyond words after reading your book.

    Thank you again for sharing your incredible experiences with us, and thank you to Jeremy as well. I cannot possibly imagine what it is like to lose a child (I did not have any children in this lifetime) and then to re-connect with him the way you did. This comment is not intended to be posted; I just wanted to express my gratitude.

    Now 46 years of age, I was brought up in a strictly secular, but very loving family, and told we do not have souls and nothing happens after we pass on. My father died before I was born, and I think my Mom’s intense grief and anger at his passing made her want to deny the fundamental truths of our souls and the afterlife. 12 years ago I had an awakening and my world was turned upside down when I realised the nature of existence and the journeys through death and life we make in order for our Souls to ultimately experience Love.
    Recently, I’ve connected with an incarnate being, someone I knew from another lifetime and it has been very confusing to say the least. But everything in your experiences corroborate what I’m going through and what I have learned over the last 12 years ~ it is truly amazing!
    Should you ever wish to connect, please feel free to do so through my email thecrimsonthread{at}gmail.com
    I find that I have not been able to share my recent experiences with anyone, but it is indeed very comforting to know that other people are being shown that there is life after death, and we can communicate with incarnate loved ones. I feel that this is going to become much more widely accepted in the very near future as more and more people like you share their knowledge and experiences…

    I wish you all the very best!
    Many Blessings, Liza.


  2. Dear Lisa, Thank you so very much for your comments and for sharing a bit of your story. I would like to hear more about your experiences and to share some of my more recent ones.

    It is difficult to find someone to discuss these experiences with. Most people that I’ve talked to are polite in a “that’s nice” kind of way but not able to validate the reality we know and so are uninterested.

    I am at the point that I need to write a “summary” on Lifeafterlifeafterlife but am having difficulty organizing it. It may be very helpful to discuss it with you. Fate has often intervened in my life. It may be no coincidence that you found my blog when you did!
    My email is william-harrison@att.net. Let’s communicate.
    William (Jerry) Harrison


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