First, A Little Housekeeping

In most blogs every new post is placed at the top.  I have manipulated posting dates so they are ordered from oldest post at the top to newest last.  This should not make any difference to understanding these facts of my experiences.  But it does keep the history in order, and helps me keep up with where I am and what of my personal understandings I have added.   I will try to remember to put the actual posting date in the heading.   Thanks,  Jerry


One thought on “First, A Little Housekeeping

  1. redakle says:

    Jerry, Thank You so very much for posting this extraordinary information, and for having the courage to write about your experiences. I “serendipitously” came across your blog while finding information about communicating with disincarnate Beings, one of which I’ve been communicating with for 6 months now. It has been bewildering, exciting, strange, confusing, but most of all, unbelievably enlightening and loving. Your blog posts (and I’m going to read your book) have provided much needed validation. I wonder if you have had any more communications? Namaste 🙂


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